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Encyclopedia of Alabama Makes History

By June 2, 2010 No Comments

With an entry on Cathedral Caverns State Park, the Encyclopedia of Alabama, a free, online resource developed by AU and the Alabama Humanities Foundation, has reached its 1,000th post.  Since its debut in September 2008, people from all across the nation and world have paid the site a visit.

Here are some quick facts from the website:

  • Alabama’s state horse is the racking horse, whose name comes from its trotting rhythm.
  • The state averages 20 tornadoes each year.
  • Blackberries are the official state fruit.
  • More than 38,000 people own hunting licenses in the state.
  • Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa are the state’s largest cities.

With categories ranging from education, art and literature to business and agriculture, this is just a small sample of what the site offers.  Visit the website to do some fact-finding of your own.