Family and children are a part of her life—and her practice

Erica Augello Photo - Mom and Lawyer

While Erica Augello ‘04 received her undergraduate degree in Science and Business Administration, she wasn’t satisfied with her career and went on to find her professional calling as a lawyer. “At different points in my life I was presented with law school, but I never felt I was mature enough or prepared enough to attend,” she said. “After having real-world experience, I decided in was time.”

Graduating from Stetson University College of Law and now specializes in municipal civil litigation defense and municipal representation.

Augello seeks out cases implicating “civil rights and issues involving both the United States and Florida Constitutions,” such as “excessive force, false arrest, deliberate indifference, equal protection and right to privacy.”

As a lawyer, her work heavily relies on case research and in-depth knowledge of the law. “On any given day I can have a city commission meeting, prosecute a code enforcement violation, depose a witness, argue a motion at a hearing, or prepare for trial,” she said.

Raised in a military family, Augello constantly moved throughout her childhood and had trouble establishing roots. Once at Auburn, though, she said that she was given a family that moved with her no matter where she went.

“I have travelled overseas and heard ‘War Eagle’ while walking down the street,” said Augello. “The lessons I learned at Auburn, both inside and outside the classroom, have allowed me to take chances and know that no matter where I end up, I will undoubtedly be surrounded by the Auburn family.”

Although Augello’s life is now fast-paced and moving, she enjoyed Auburn’s quaint and welcoming nature. “It was a small town without being small minded. No matter how much the campus changes, it always feels like coming home,” she said.

She has since started her own family with her husband and young daughter. While it is difficult to balance personal and professional life, she makes it a priority and admires other women in her career who do the same. Her daughter, who “is just starting life and has the potential to change the world” inspires Augello. As she moves forward, she aspires to be her firm’s first female partner since they were first established 40 years ago.

“I have to work harder and prove myself to others in my field, whereas my male colleagues do not. However, that hard work speaks volumes, regardless of gender. While it’s in the back of my mind, I find that is doesn’t impede my goals or ability to achieve future success.”