Auburn News

Escaping the Elements

You know what they say about Alabama weather… If you don’t like it, just wait.

Torrential down pours and triple-digit temperatures are unwelcome enemies that frequent all too often during the dog days of an Auburn summer.

And, frankly, the Auburn football team doesn’t have time to wait. Starting positions are being fought for. Plays are being refined. We’re 40 days away from another arduous season.

Cue in our new $16.5 million indoor practice facility that will be completed July 29—even with time to spare before fall practices kick off the following week. The 90,000-square-foot facility houses a full-sized 120-yard field with surrounding areas suitable for individual stretching or drills.


This facility will replace the John H. Watson Fieldhouse, a 40-yard indoor field that was only cooled by large fans. It will also allow the offense and defense to practice together, a luxury the smaller fieldhouse did not afford.

The east-west layout runs parallel to Samford Avenue, cutting across the athletic complex’s old practice fields, which were reduced from three to two with this addition. Auburn becomes the seventh SEC school to open a full-sized indoor facility, behind Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

The Auburn Board of Trustees unanimously approved the project last June. A portion of the budget was also spent on outdoor fields and the Tatum Strength and Conditioning Center.

While the football team will reap most of the benefits of the facility, it will also be available for other teams to utilize. Everyone needs an escape from Alabama’s fickle weather, right?