Raymond Elliott Loyd ’61

As a design engineer in General Electric’s appliance division, Raymond Loyd changed the way Americans live through his work in air-conditioning technology and his development of the Carry Cool, the first room air conditioner under $100 to sell profitably.

In 1977, Loyd founded Derby Packaging, a startup fabricator of insulation and gaskets. Later, as Derby Industries, the company specialized in global supply chains and inventory management, assemblies and contract manufacturing, spare parts and warranty repairs, retail packaging, and distribution and information systems.

In 2000, Loyd sold part of the business but retained the die-cutting portion, which, as Derby Fabricating, has become a leading die-cutter of nonmetallic materials for automotive and appliance clients. He established the Raymond E. and Eleanor H. Loyd Endowed Scholarship in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.