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How to Videos – Clubs and Affiliates tile in the app

How to access “My Groups” in Clubs

How to access your clubs settings

How to access your member directory in clubs

How to send out an announcement

How to post an event

How to create a discussion post

How to create a poll

The Clubs Tile in the app includes a completely re-built section to help members of individual Auburn Clubs connect with each other.

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  • Communicate better with minimal effort as compared to emails, websites, mail, etc.
  • Connecting on a local region level.
  • All members of the Auburn Alumni Association are included in each group based upone their ‘club affiliation’.
  • Provides members a digital way to find a club, join a club, and suggest a new club.
  • App administrators / Club Presidents have ability to build feeds with their choice of content: Photos, Announcements, Virtual/Events and Polls.
  • App is available for App and Android phones. Search for “Forever AU.”
  • All social feeds are linkable in your Auburn Club. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn)
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NOTE: Please do not update your club name or graphic without Auburn Alumni Association approval.

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