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Gourmet Tiger Takes the Cake

By March 9, 2011 No Comments

Charm City Cakes visited the Plains at last night’s Q&A put on by Auburn University’s UPC. Social Media Interns Toni Woodard and Stephanie Wilson caught the action live. Gourmet Tiger, a local bakery had the chance to meet and greet Duff Goldman. Duff Goldman, founder of Charm City Cakes, is known best for his over the top creations made famous by his hit T.V. show Ace of Cakes. The “meet & greet” was the prize awarded to the best cake of the night.

Gourmet Tiger was one of three local bakeries to participate in the competition. The other two candidates to submit cakes were the Cake Lady, and Tiger Dining. Duff was surprised as members of Gourmet Tiger presented him with T-shirts stating “We’re NOT SAINTS, we’re Bakers”. At the end of the night, all attendees got to sample Gourmet Tiger’s winning cake, leaving a sweet taste in everyone’s mouth. WAR EAGLE Gourmet Tiger!