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hAUnted 10:30 p.m.

Holding their equipment more closely, I notice that these objects are more familiar than I thought. Their voice recorder is the same model as mine and they have an EMF (electromagnetic field) detector that models something from my childhood science classes. I am walking around the open area with a remote control in my hand and I feel ridiculously unaware of what is supposed to happen. At this point the room is starting to feel creepy. The rest of the group is congregating around the front of the chapel setting up recorders for an EVP session. I overhear one of the Paranormal Research members talking and she says it is a time to ask the ghosts questions to see if they will respond. I don’t know if anything will answer and I don’t really know if I want it to.

AU Chapel MaMa by aualumni

In this EVP Tonya asks, “What was your sweetheart’s name?” and an odd sounding child’s voice seems to whisper “MaMa” or perhaps “Come on.”