Auburn News

hAUnted 11:17 p.m.

The EVP session is just about finished. I still don’t know what to think of the knocks and creaks we just heard. Things are starting to become a bit more mysterious and unexplainable. One of the paranormal experts, John Mark, has just asked me to come walk around the building to see if there is any activity outside. Can ghosts even go outside?

It is much colder out here than in the chapel and nothing seems to be picking up on the EMF detector, but for some reason I have a strange feeling we’re about to find something. John Mark is ahead of me, and we are approaching the front door of the chapel. I wonder if anyone else is finding anything inside? We decide to go back into the chapel and into the ladies bathroom where they discovered most of the paranormal occurrences in their 2008 investigation. There are no spikes in the EMF detector, and John Mark concludes that there isn’t any activity going on in the bathroom. I walk out first with John Mark closely behind. BOOM! I think the door just slammed shut by itself…