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hAUnted 12:00 a.m.

I am still shaken up from the bathroom door slamming by itself and I think John Mark is too. Whenever I hear a noise in this chapel, I jump out of pure reaction. This is not how I felt at the beginning of the night. The other paranormal researchers are taking more infrared pictures of the chapel and packing up some of their equipment. I think the night is starting to slow down.

As I look around the chapel, my thoughts keep venturing to the idea that there may actually be ghosts in here right now. I am distracted and haven’t even noticed the rest of the group huddled around the computer listening to our EVP recordings from tonight. So far there are no responses and all I can hear is our own voices asking random questions. The next stream of EVPs start playing. This one sounds a lot different. I think we all hear the whispers in the background. Is a ghost trying to answer us?

Pep Ralley Whispers by aualumni

^This EVP is a response of some sort to Tonya’s question about the Pep Rally. In it you can hear the whisper responses to her question.