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hAUnted endings

Twelve hours in the haunted chapel and half as many weeks to mull it over, and I am still in the same place I started. Ghosts. Voices. Hauntings. People we think died years ago in physical proximity to us now. How is all of this real? Is it even real, at all? Maybe this is a scientific frontier on the brink of busting through as an established science. The Alabama Paranormal Research Team wholeheartedly believes in the paranormal, and the evidence bolsters a convincing argument. These unexplained voices and slamming doors lure me into the court of the believers, but my rational side tells me I’m being ridiculous.

However, now that I’m finished writing the feature for Auburn Magazine, I believe I’ve sorted everything out.  I’ve stepped back to that night in the chapel more than enough times, and I’ve even stepped back to my very first ghost experience when I was only 5. Blank screens and befuddled thoughts have transformed into page layouts and unified ideas. Well, for me at least. What’s your conclusion? Have you come to one yet? Check out our winter issue for the full story of our hAUnted night and my ultimate decision. If your subscription to Auburn Magazine has pulled a vanishing act of its own, join the Auburn Alumni Association and start receiving benefits today!

The ghostly finale is here! Come experience the entire night of our haunted chapel investigation. Don’t worry this is just a movie… right?