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Heidi Leeth ’91

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Heidi Leeth '91


In his infinite wisdom, his perfect love, and his perfect power, God ordained in space and time that a baby be born at St. Joseph’s Hospital; Atlanta, Georgia; October 7, 1968. He ordained special abilities, special talents, and special skills for this child. He enabled this child to be orderly, creative, to think deeply, and to feel deeply. He perfectly ordained a broken family into which the child was born. He ordained the ups and downs, the ashes and the beauty. He knew all along that his creation was good and true. This baby had a part to play in time and space that was hers and hers alone. She was called to be part of God’s larger story. No one on planet earth could play her part. God ordained her to love animals like no other. God ordained her to love the unlovable and to play second fiddle. He ordained her authenticity. He ordained her maturity. He ordained her wisdom and her discernment. And, in his perfect timing, he called her to himself and regenerated her heart. He then ordained her secret mission: to bring justice, purity, and love to a community that only knew injustice, impurity, and hate.

Against all odds, she faithfully accomplished her secret mission. She suffered greatly. She was gravely wounded. Despite this wound, she did her best to move on.

She was brilliant and beautiful. She courageously endured pain to raise two unique children. God gave her the ability to touch their hearts in a way that no one could touch. God used her as his means to bring redemption and reconciliation to those two children.

Sometimes the pain and sorrow of her mission got the best of her. Sometimes the pain and sorrow of her mission impacted others in the deepest parts of their soul.

Sometimes she took her pain to God. Sometime she took her pain to things that were smaller. Despite this, she was always courageous in the midst of the battle.

God further ordained that this woman’s shattered dreams, this woman’s wounded spirit, and this woman’s broken body would bring life and freedom to her husband’s dead soul. A resuscitation and a resurrection that most humans have never experienced.

God also ordained that the passion of her mission continue to live in the hearts of her husband, her daughter, and her son.

What remains unknown is why he chose this particular woman, in this particular time, and in this particular space to carry out such a secretive, sorrowful, and painful mission. What is known is that God ordained it without apology, without mistake, without surprise, solely for the good of those who entered her story and for his own imperial glory.

Scott C Leeth, MD 1988