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Head down and arms pumping. Must get there sooner beckons me onward. It’s my daily ritual of speed walking to class where I pass go and collect my $200 in one fell swoop. You may get a smile and a quick wave (read: split-second open-palmed flash) of my hand as to not throw off the aerodynamics of my speed walking, but let’s be real, I don’t stop to chat.


Except yesterday. Yesterday was bombarded with shouts of “Hey” like an auctioneer receiving bids for a date with Cam Newton.

Hey Hannah! Hey Laura! Hey Jim! Hey slower-paced-person-in-front-of-me, can you go faster? Hey thanks!

Yep, you guessed it. Yesterday was Auburn’s annual “Hey Day” which is sponsored by the SGA and has been uniting the campus by promoting friendliness among students and faculty since the World War II era (although it took a hiatus in the ‘70s and ‘80s).

Students were given nametags and were asked to say hey to everyone they passed. This year, with the theme of “Traditionally Hey,” students also got a taste of Auburn traditions—Momma G’s nachos and Toomer’s lemonade were passed out on the green space. Nova, the Auburn Cheerleaders, AU Rhythm and Miss Auburn also made appearances.


Walter Whatley, this year’s director of Hey Day began planning the event with his assistant directors in the spring. “I love the fact that so many people cherish this day,” he said. “It is truly amazing how much this one day out of the year affects students.”