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“I Just Had A Family Reunion”

I absolutely love to travel and whenever I get a chance, I head out on the open road to explore new towns, cities, and landscapes.  I love that being a part of the Auburn Family allows me the potential opportunity to have a special experience each time I leave the loveliest village.
At the start of this Fourth of July weekend I headed to Atlanta to catch a plane to Washington D.C.  I wanted to visit family and friends for the weekend while also being in the city that, in my opinion, is the best place to spend a patriotic holiday.

Chances are if you have traveled out of the lovely state of Alabama, you have seen a fellow member of the Auburn Family walking around, sporting an Auburn hat or t-shirt. During my trip to our nation’s capital, I had 5, count them, 5 war eagle moments.  In fact, I was seated next to a couple of AU alums on my flight to DC who were actually from Auburn.  Most of the alumni I crossed paths with this weekend mentioned that they purposely wear Auburn gear when they travel in order to increase their chance of having a war eagle moment.

Through long conversations, giant hugs from strangers, and “WAR EAGLE” shouts in front of the White House, I felt so at home this weekend even though I was miles away from the loveliest village on the plains.