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My first Iron Bowl won’t be my last

I’m ashamed to admit that although I am a native Alabamian and have lived here all of my life, I never attended an Iron Bowl game until this year, but, boy, did I pick the right one. Last Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013 will forever be known as the night the Auburn Tigers dammed the Crimson Tide with one second left in the fourth quarter when Chris Davis returned Alabama’s punt and ran 109 yards for a touchdown that sealed our victory against “that other team.”.

For me, it wasn’t only my first Iron Bowl, but it was also my last home game in Jordan-Hare Stadium as a student. Understandably, I was flooded with a lot of emotions last Saturday—excitement, anxiety, hope, frustration, unity, and a little bit of premature homesickness for it being my last time standing on the ramp cheering on the Auburn Tigers as a student. However, the anticipation was the best and worst feeling of the night. We were going into overtime until Coach Nick Saban requested the referees to review the last play of the fourth quarter. The refs sided with Saban, which isn’t a surprise, and decided that there was actually one second left in the game. So, in other words, thanks to Saban we won the game 34-28 with the second miracle in Jordan-Hare. This sent Auburn fans into an uproar, and left them confused as to what one second might do. We had no idea what was in store for our beloved football team. I didn’t think my heart could take another last-minute win after the Georgia game, but that win was the best play I’ve ever seen in Auburn football, including the 2010 season. As I wrote in a previous blog, my boyfriend and I stand on the ramp with our friends so that we can see the entire field and avoid the crowded student section. In that blog, I argued that we had the best seats in the house, and after the Iron Bowl, that couldn’t be more true.

Sure, we weren’t able to rush the field, but we were able to watch it all happen from a birds-eye view; and it was incredible. Seconds after Davis scored the winning touchdown, the entire stadium erupted in cheers and swarms of Auburn fans rushed Pat-Dye field. It was beautiful. Friends and family from all over the country were calling and texting me about that game. Even my father, who is an Alabama fan, congratulated me and Auburn on the win. I’ve never felt more connected with and proud of my Auburn family than I did last Saturday night, and I can’t wait to cheer on the Auburn Tigers from home when they take on Mizzou in Atlanta for the SEC Championship. This may have been my first Iron Bowl, but it definitely won’t be my last. War Eagle!