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I’m a Happy, Snappy, Scrappy Auburn Tiger

In our Spring 2012 edition of the Auburn Magazine, there was a letter to the editor, titled “Birth of a fight song” that mentioned a song called “I’m a Happy, Snappy, Scrappy Auburn Tiger.”

The author of the letter, John H. “Pete” Mosley  ’58 was a member of the band in 1955 when the present-day fight song was presented as the song that would represent Auburn.

He told of the feelings the band experienced, as they felt that an Auburn tradition was being replaced.

After reading this letter, we were fascinated with the song he was talking about. Like many people, we were unfamiliar with the lyrics. We set out on a quest to find this old, Auburn staple.

After digging through old Glomeratas, Tiger Cubs, and many other archives stored in the Special Collections and Archives, there was a hit! But, the song was not titled “I’m a Happy, Snappy, Scrappy Auburn Tiger,” but instead was titled “Auburn Victory March.”

Copyrighted in 1936 by A. Traxler, the song was arranged by Thornton W. Allen. Here are the lyrics to the “Auburn Victory March,” as they may have been sung before 1955.

We’re the fighting, striking, spiking, hiking API

Then give us due respect or we will very soon reply;

We refuse to meet failure or defeat,

The boys may drop us, They can’t stop us you will find.

Make your step full of pep, API.

Win or die, Some men ride, but we stride.

Keep to the line my boys, Never lag behind.


Come on boys, let’s travel, For it is time that we’re on our way;

Time to hit the gravel, we’ve got to win that game today.

Fight you Auburn Tigers for the victory!

Let them say as we play,

We’re the happy, snappy, scrappy Auburn Tigers.

We’re the drilling, shrilling, thrilling, willing Auburn boys,

If you don’t know then we can show you sorrows and some joys;

We’re the boys who dig, and do things so big,

The API will always try to do their best.

Boys let’s go, let us show how we play good today.

We are game, all the same, Are we down hearted boys?

Well I should say “No!”

We hope you enjoyed this throwback into Auburn’s musical history. What is your favorite song the band plays?

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