Auburn Women

J.J. Hughes ’93

J.J. Hughes '93

I was always meant to come to Auburn. My dad graduated from Auburn in 1965 after playing tennis for all 4 years. I grew up knowing that I would attend too. Soccer was my passion and I played on the first girls teams in my area in the 1970’s. The perfect scenario would be to play at Auburn. However, there wasn’t women’s soccer in the SEC. I attended every soccer camp at Auburn I could hoping there would be a team by the time I got there.

I started Auburn in the early 1990s and played on what became the pioneer team to the current women’s team. I was so excited to see the university develop the program to what it is now. Coach Hoppa and her staff have done an amazing job with the young women.

I am thankful for my time at Auburn and used my degree in Exercise Physiology to become a soccer coach. I have been coaching all age groups for the past 30 years. Now I cheer on my daughter who has hopes of playing at Auburn too. War Eagle!