My story at Auburn began with prayer. When deciding where to attend college, I prayed and Auburn was the answer I got. When I visited the campus I fell in love and Auburn became my home for the next four years.

I have had both joyous and tragic moments while at Auburn. I meet my husband at Auburn and we were married in Auburn. My junior year my two roommates were killed in a car accident traveling home to New Orleans where we all grew up. It was amazing to see the way that our University supported us students during this difficult time. The friendships made while at Auburn are still part of my support system today.

I was active on campus with BSU, Gospel choir, and other campus organizations. I meet two great mentors during my time there that helped mold me into the woman I am today. They are Nejla Orgen and Quentin Riggins.

My husband and I are life members of the alumni association and everyone around me knows that I love Auburn University. Auburn is truly a family.