Auburn Women

Jessi Norman ’12

I knew Auburn was the place for me as soon as I stepped foot on campus. Some people might think the Auburn family is a silly concept, but those are people who haven’t experienced it for themselves. It never gets old getting a “War Eagle” walking around any city from a fellow fan or alum.

I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2012. While there weren’t many women in mechanical engineering, we never let that hold us back. We worked hard to show that women belong in STEM and chip away at the stereotype that engineering is a man’s field. My education at Auburn fully prepared me for my current role as a mechanical designer in Schneider Electric.

I’m also a leader in a group in the company that actively works to promote women in higher positions and get them the mentorships and training needed to achieve that goal. Representation is important and I want to use my platform to see more women in engineering and management positions. I hope to see more women walking across that stage for the college of engineering in the future.

Jessi Norman '12