Since graduating from Auburn University in March 1977, I utilized my Special Education degree to educate, empower and enrich the lives of special needs children in Alabama and Georgia and coaching cheerleaders at the middle school and high school level, as well as coaching middle school basketball and track.

I believe that is important to be a lifelong learner; therefore, I continued my own education and obtained a Master’s degree in Learning Disabilities and Interrelated Special Education as well as a Masters in Educational Leadership. I further received an Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership.

After spending 38 years educating countless youth in my communities, I retired in 2016 from the Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia. In addition to a career shaping and molding young minds, I have also used my personal gifts and talents to write several literary pieces, including a historical play, which is copyrighted and housed in the United States Library of Congress, that depicting the experiences and contributions of African Americans from the Motherland of Africa to the burning sands of America. In addition to this literary works, I have also penned several other dramatic works that have been performed by schools, churches, and other community groups. These days I am spending my retirement life enjoying my husband of 41 years, Calvin Henry, traveling, spending time with my three children, eight grandchildren, and other close family members, as well as continuing to educate our youth when the opportunity arrives.