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Katherine “Peggy” Page Bodden ’43

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The following was provided by a family friend, Clay Nordan ’71.

Peggy Bodden teenager

An “Olan Mills” portrait of Peggy as a teenager.

Katherine “Peggy” Page Bodden ’43 was born January 1, 1921 and was an architecture major, a course not many coeds participated in at the time.

She never sought employment with an architectural firm, but practiced from her home and was known for designs being tasteful, traditional and functional for single family living.

A member of the Methodist church, she was the daughter of the late John Clifford and Katherine Bostick Page of Clanton, Ala. She was married August 3, 1944 to Lawrence H. “Jerry” Bodden who preceded her in death May 19, 1998. Jerry Bodden, owned an insurance agency in Clanton and successfully ran for Mayor. He served two productive terms in the office.

Peggy Bodden Husband
Peggy Bodden and friends
When this picture was taken, Peggy was visiting her old friend Theda Wyatt (later Nordan) who moved to Montevallo. Two of Theda’s classmates from Montevallo High School joined them that day.
Peggy Bodden and the gals
A late 1950’s photo of Peggy (second from left standing) and Theda (right) with some of their old friends from Clanton. The woman seated at the far left is Olive Rainer Elmore. Her family owned the V. J. Elmore chain of “Five & Dime” stores that had many stores across the state and the South.
Peggy Bodden later years
Theda and Peggy (far right) in the 1990’s with some of the same old friends pictured above.

Peggy Page lived to the age of 88 and passed away February 11, 2009.