Auburn Women

Kathy Guthrie Medlock ’73

Kathy Medlock '73

I was at Auburn during one of their transition periods. There were lots of women on campus, but not in all majors. I had been offered the opportunity to be part of the first class of women at Yale, but, for many reasons, did not think it was a good fit. Auburn felt comfortable and, importantly, had a good football team. I also was a couple of years younger and very short and majoring in math.

So, many times I was questioned as to my presence in male-dominated classes and sometimes treated in a bemused fashion. Even though my grades were good I was repeatedly advised to switch to a more female appropriate field.

I was delighted when my daughter chose Auburn. She was majoring in bio-medical sciences, and it was no longer out of the ordinary for a female. I probably enjoyed her years at Auburn more than mine.

I have loved going back for events and games and am proud of how Auburn has progressed. I did experience some historic moments – Punt, Bama, Punt with the entire campus being rolled, the first Hesiman and the great snowstorm. Then I was able to relive the joy with Kick Six and another Heisman while attending games during my daughters time. It has been said if you are around me more than an hour you will know I went to Auburn.

I believe in Auburn, and love it.