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Keith Cain ’98

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My days at Auburn were extremely special, having shaped me to become the person I am today, and having introduced and connected me with friends that I now consider as close as family. From fall days rooting on the Tigers and enjoying the sounds and cheers of Jordan-Hare football games, to spring days feeling the breeze of the air under sunny skies as I walked to class through the Concourse, the memories of my time at Auburn University are incredibly precious and unforgettable, and represent one of the most amazing periods of my life.

I wasn’t involved in many student organizations during my time there, choosing instead to work at a number of campus departments (three cheers for Haley Center’s Take Ten and the DUC – Dept. of University Computing!!) to provide a bit of supplemental financial support for school; but my time working and studying and playing and growing with fellow Auburn family enriched my life in a way I could have never imagined.

I was blessed to successfully complete the Masters program in Chemical Engineering in Spring of 1998, and am currently working as a senior software engineer for a Fortune 500 financial institution here in the Southeast. Although my educational and career paths did not exactly align like I would’ve expected them to in those days, I am thankful for everything I learned during my time at Auburn – not *what* to think but *how* to think, and a “head-down-and-do-it” attitude and spirit that I’ve adopted since those days, which has served me very well throughout every facet of my life thus far.

Keith Cain '98

Keith Cain ’98

Auburn is an amazing place, and Auburn University is an amazing school, and I can only hope that the students of today and tomorrow will embrace and appreciate everything it has to offer. I did, I still do – I believe in Auburn and love it!