Auburn Women

Lane Sauser ’12

I was fortunate to work at Auburn University for over 31 years and I always dreamed of completing my accounting degree from my favorite university. It was on my “bucket list”.

So in 2012 — many years after earning BBA, MBA, and DPA degrees from other universities and completing a very successful career as an accountant and financial manager — I had the opportunity to complete a degree that I had begun in the 1980s. I was definitely a non-traditional student and found the experience of being an undergraduate again to be challenging and rewarding.

One of the highlights of my coursework was taking two courses through study abroad. I recommend this experience to every Auburn student. I very much appreciated the support provided by my professors, the student services staff, my classmates and my husband. I am proud to count myself among Auburn’s alums.

Graduating summa cum laude and serving as an honorary student marshal at the age of 61 was a thrill I will never forget. I hope my positive experience will inspire other women to pursue degree completion at Auburn. It is never too late!

Lane Sauser '12