Auburn Women

Laura Raye Hendrix ’14

I had the unique opportunity to stay on at Auburn for my graduate degree, so I’ve been around for seven years.

My freshman year was 2010, and I’ll never forget being huddled around my cheap old TV in my tiny apartment with my boyfriend and two best friends, watching Auburn play Oregon for the National Championship game. We were all literally in the floor on our knees with our faces inches from the screen, and when the kick went through, we immediately hit a dead-run out of the apartment for Toomer’s corner. It’s one of my earliest stand-out Auburn memories (I’d be remiss to not mention being in the student section my Junior year for the Kick Six and Immaculate Deflection), but it’s one of my fondest as well.

I grew up an Auburn fan because I’m a daddy’s girl and he went to school here too, but that was the moment I really, for the first time, felt like a member of the Auburn Family.

Laura Raye Hendrix '14