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Lee Anne Patterson ’85

Lee Anne Patterson 85

I’ve spent the last 30 years working in motorsports. I started as the promotions director for Sears Point Raceway (Sonoma), worked for Carroll Shelby as his series director for the Dodge Shelby Pro Series, and then moved to Indianapolis where I became a team owner and manager that campaigned efforts in IndyCar, Indy Lights and other support series. The highlight was competing in the Indy 500. Outside of the cockpit, the best seat in the house is on the pit stand watching your driver, team and car perform. Most of this was during a time when the sisterhood of women that worked in the garage area was very, very small.

My strength for all of these jobs is anchored in a passion for the platform that motorsports gave me to do good. I love the art of promotions and the power it holds to make the weekend something to look forward to, or to treat someone special and change their life.

My best day at the track—ever—was the day we hosted an adoption party for special needs children (ages 9 to 16) and made 8 matches that day. Credit to the outstanding agency that we simply empowered by bringing all the kids to the race track. They were kings and queen for the day, which brought a lot joy and ultimately success in making matches.

Having recently moved back to Auburn, I am currently helping Auburn Engineering’s Autonomous Tiger Racing that is competing in the Indy Autonomous Challenge. This will be the first ever, head-to-head autonomous race using Indy Lights chassis and potentially reaching speeds of 200 mph on the famed oval at Indy.

A million dollars in prize money and serious bragging rights is at stake. After three rounds of competition our Tigers are in the Top 3. We can win this!! Anytime you get to race at car at Indy, its special—with or without a driver!

My other endeavor is that I have returned to my mass communication roots (my actual major at Auburn). My first job was in rock-n-roll radio and I wrote, produced and handled the voice-over for commercials. I now have returned to voice over work and have a professional sound booth at my home office.

Lee Anne Patterson 85

I’m enjoying finding new projects. Good Cause Marketing will always be a passion for me. Where much is given, much is expected.