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Leslie Gibson Leak ’04

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Leslie Gibson Leak '04

As a young child in the 80s, I remember attending Auburn football games with my parents, and I have many treasured photographs to remind me of those fun memories!

Naturally, I attended Auburn for my English Education degree and was honored to have been selected as 2004 College of Education Graduation Student Marshal. Carrying our school flag into the commencement ceremony was a moment I’ll never forget!

In 2013, I had my second child and wanted to document my Auburn memories for my children and others. The skills and knowledge I acquired at Auburn translated into an Auburn children’s book titled, “Auburn Football ABC’s: A Tiny Tiger’s Guide to All Things Game Day.” Reading to elementary students and sharing my love for Auburn with others was such an amazing experience!

Today, I get to serve Auburn as an employee in Information Technology. I enjoy working with my Auburn family!