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Lindsey Edwards Moseley ’12, ’16

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Lindsey Edwards Moseley '12,

Although there are many things I love about Auburn, including living in the city, working at the university and finishing my third degree from Auburn, what I love THE MOST about the university is that I have it to thank for my love story.

Having attended the 2010 National Championship Game in Glendale, I knew that when Auburn had the opportunity to go again in 2014 that I had to be in attendance. Although I was an alumnus at this point, and living in another city, my friends and I all took off work and headed to California for another trip of a life time. The Auburn Alumni Association rented out a club near Hollywood Blvd, Club Lure, the night before the game. Auburn fans were welcomed! My friends and I bought tickets and went to the event. It was such a fun night celebrating with hundreds of Auburn fans. The sea of orange and blue engulfed my spirit and I go on the record to say it was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had! While enjoying myself at the event, this one fellow caught my eye.

He immediately approached me and introduced himself. We spent the rest of the evening casually hanging out before it was time to leave for an early start the next morning. We exchanged numbers and went on our separate ways. Little did I know that the propeller was in motion. We met up the next day at the game and proceeded to talk every day for the next few months. Our love story was developing. Living in different cities, we decided we both wanted to move to Auburn. It just felt right to be in the city for which we both loved. Eleven months after that faithful night in January of 2014, we were married on December 20th, 2014. We’ve lived in Auburn ever since, and welcomed a little Auburn cheerleader in 2015.

We were two Auburn fans who never would have met if it wasn’t for Auburn Alumni Association and their event at Club Lure. It took traveling all the way to California to meet the love of my life, and I have Auburn University to thank for shaping my future!