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Liz Lambert ’11

Liz Lambert '11

My name is ENS Elizabeth (Liz) Lambert. I’ve known about and cheered for Auburn as long as I can remember. I fell in love with Auburn because of my dad. My family is a Navy family so we moved a lot while I was growing up. In 2003, we moved one final time….to Auburn. Auburn is where I call home no matter where life takes me.

Four years later, in 2007, I started at Auburn and began working for the football team. I spent the next 5 years filming football and traveling to every game. I experienced the highs — winning an SEC Championship and a National Championship — and lows — not playing in the post season and watching staff be fired — as an Auburn Tiger. I’ve watched them fall and get back up, and return stronger because of it.

I graduated in December 2011 with two degrees, a BA in Radio, Television, and Broadcasting Communication and a BS in Exercise Science.

In March 2012, I accepted a position to work as the Football Video Coordinator for Arkansas State University under Gus Malzahn. I remained at Arkansas State when Coach Malzahn returned to Auburn. During my four years at Arkansas State, I watched three different staffs come and go. I was also selected by my peers at other Sun Belt Conference schools as the Sun Belt Video Coordinator of the year, two years in a row, becoming the first and only female in the conference to do so.

During my last year at Arkansas State, I made the decision to chase a dream I had since I was a small girl….to become a fighter pilot in the US Navy. I applied and was selected to attend Officer Candidate School (OCS). Shortly before commissioning, I was told I could no longer follow the aviation pipeline. To become a Naval Officer, I would now have to wait an additional three months and transfer to new community. I was reselected into the Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) community and commission in early fall of 2015 by my older brother, LT Jim Lambert, also an Auburn grad.

Once I commissioned as an Ensign, I was assigned to the USS GRAVELY (DDG 107) to begin my training as a SWO. I have served as the Repair Officer, in charge of Damage Control Petty Officers and all portable damage control equipment on the ship, and am currently the Gunnery Officer, in charge of all the weapons on the ship.

When I look back, I see how the ethos of the Auburn Creed has influenced me. I carry a copy in my pocket every day to remind me to live by those valves. The ones particularly important to me are:
“I believe this is a practical world, and I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work”
“I believe in a sound mind and sound body, and a spirit that is not afraid. And in clean sports that develop these qualities.”

But most importantly….
“And because Auburn men and women believe in this things…I believe in Auburn and love it.”

Auburn, the people and the values, have helped shape me over the years into who I have become today.
I believe in Auburn and love it!
War Eagle