Auburn Women

Madison Haney ’20

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As women, we are often evaluated in different ways to see if we measure up to what society has determined our best to be; we are compared in inches, sizes, and in age. Being an Auburn woman has taught me that if I am to be measured by society, let it be by the things that really count: the depth of our compassion, our thirst for knowledge, our tremendous grace when under pressure, the broadness of our integrity and the width of our honor. To me there are five elements that make up an Auburn woman: being healthy, involved, studious, ambitious, and responsible. These points are like elements on a periodic table, bonding together to make a powerful combination.

My journey as a Auburn woman began when I fell in love with Auburn University. Once I read the creed I believed in everything that Auburn stood for – work, hard work, honesty and truthfulness, family, and a spirit that is not afraid. Combining the creed with my impression of what it was to be an Auburn woman, I knew immediately that this is where I belonged. I took all of these things and started my goals as a college student. On June 21st I was honored to receive The Congressional Award Gold Medal at a ceremony in Washington, DC. The Congressional Award Gold Medal is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a US youth citizen by the United States Congress, it is based on service, integrity, and achievement. I received this honor due to serving as a US Student Ambassador in 12 countries. This honor means so much to me because it demonstrates living my life as part of the creed; “I believe in my country and can best serve my country by doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God”.

Madison Haney '20

I was humbled to receive this honor and even more so to be the only 2017 recipient for the state of Alabama and the first recipient for Alabama’s 5th Congressional District. When I accepted this honor I not only accepted it for my Congressional District and Alabama but I accepted it for all the women of Auburn University.