Auburn Women

Mary Jean Sanspree ’74

When my dad (AU Graduate 1941) drove me into Auburn, he told me that whatever I did from then on would be the beginning of my future. And it was! Living in Alumni Hall with no air conditioner, a community bath, one phone, 10 o’clock curfew, and rules against wearing pants to class were facts of life for AU coeds.

During those times, Auburn women fought for later curfews, wearing pants to class and more options than the dining hall. There were no women’s sports scholarships, so we swam on the synchronized swim team for fun and competed with a volunteer coach. It was during the Vietnam war and the men were required to take ROTC, so some of us girls started a women’s flight in Air Force ROTC. Our captain was a female aerospace engineer student! Times were changing.

Mary Jean Sanspree '74

When I became a married student, Evelyn Jordan, Coach Shug Jordan’s wife, was the Dean of married Women. She visited us and served as a mentor for us while we were in school. There were several married football players in the 1970s and we wives traveled to the games together and went with the team to bowl games. And, in 1972, Auburn beat Alabama 17-16 in the famous Punt Bama Punt game. Good times.

Our academics were superior and I credit Auburn for the scholarly background I needed when I pursued my doctorate degree. I am proud to be an Auburn Tiger and a Lifetime Member of the Auburn Alumni Club. War Eagle!