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Alex Smith ’14: Creative Force Behind KinLabs

Meet Alex Smith, music video producer and creative force behind KinLabs video production.

Alex Smith ’14 walked down his high school hallway hoping he would one day spend his hours making music videos. Today Smith has transformed that dream into a reality by starting his own video production house in Atlanta, KinLabs.

KinLabs opened its doors in February 2015 and has already garnered the attention of artists like Luke Bryan, Travis Porter, and Darius Rucker through social media and word of mouth.

“I started KinLabs with my partner Michael Cornwall who has a background in the film union here in Atlanta working in the Grip/Electrical department,” Smith said. “We’ve been trying to grow into a production and studio house here in Atlanta where we have all the needs for independent films, music videos, and more.

Alex said shooting his first video at 18 was intimidating, “I was a crew of one shooting and directing,” Smith said. “I think I was 18 or 19 still attending Auburn and working with T.I. and Iggy Azalea.”

Smith added, “no judging, it’s old” but you can watch his first music video below.



Smith’s current goal for KinLabs is to generate a more creative space where everyone can come and share their ideas.

“We have all the tools to make this vision possible and we love collaborating with other directors, filmmakers & artists.”

Alex said one of his favorite career moments was getting to film in Charleston. “I would say one of my favorite career moments would be working on a Darius Rucker music video in Charleston,” Smith said. “It’s great seeing other directors work and be able to learn so much from all the crew.”

Check out a KinLabs exclusive behind the scenes look at the production of Darius Rucker’s music video.



Even though Smith has filmed his fair share of glamorous weddings and popular artists’ music videos, his favorite thing to film continues to be his friends and family.

“All the professional projects are fun, but sometimes the pressure is on which limits creativity,” Smith said. “It’s always fun getting back to the basics and creating your own content for something such as YouTube. As long as you’re passionate and absolutely love what you’re doing, that’s all that matters!”

Right now Smith is creating a few fun, “Summer TV styled Episodes” which are meant to be just fun and creative