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Mack Jenkins ’13: Safari Guide and Outdoor Enthusiast

Meet Mack Jenkins, safari guide and outdoor enthusiast

After graduating, Mack Jenkins ‘13 knew he wanted to travel, not overseas, but somewhere stateside. Therefore, it was pure wanderlust that brought him out to Jackson, Wyoming.


A photo taken by Mack of the lower falls of the Yellowstone River.

“I had never been out west before, and it was always something I wanted to do, especially while I was physically able,” he said. “I picked Jackson arbitrarily and got in touch with my contact out here who explained the job situation and the demographic. There are a lot of southeastern people here and a lot of people my age, it all seemed to just fit.”

Jenkins currently works as a guide with Backcountry Safaris. An average day for him usually includes taking a few people on a road-based tour of either Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park.

“A normal day for me starts at around 5:30 a.m., especially if I am doing Yellowstone that day,” Jenkins said. “We do the whole lower loop of Yellowstone which is about a 12-hour safari. We explore the thermal areas, see old faithful and the lower falls of the Yellowstone River, which in my opinion is the most beautiful site on the lower loop, and we also try to see some wildlife.”

Bison, Antelope, and Elk are just a few of the animals Jenkins sees on a daily basis.

When he isn’t sharing his vast knowledge of Wyoming’s most beautiful scenery with clients, Jenkins said he likes to hunt and fish.


“If you are an outdoorsman, the northwest corner of Wyoming, which is where I am, and the bordering states are really hard to beat as far as big game hunting and bird hunting goes. The fishing out here is also top notch,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said his favorite part about moving out west was driving across the country.

“You don’t have any idea how big and diverse this country is until you get in a car and drive across it,” he said. “Traveling internationally is awesome, I haven’t really done it and there are certainly some places over there I want to go, but just to see what all is in the lower 48 would take a lifetime. That is probably the thing that has left the biggest impression on me, just seeing the magnitude of where we live.”

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