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Melea Hames ’95

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Melea Hames '95

When I was in the 3rd grade, I decided I wanted to go to Auburn. People often asked me what I wanted to study and be when I grew up; I told them I wasn’t sure but I wanted to go to Auburn to learn it. And in 1995 I achieved my life-long dream of graduating with a degree in public relations and journalism. Currently, I’m using my degree to promote the beautiful region of north Alabama as the social media manager for Visit North Alabama.

But one thing I’m most proud of is how I’ve taught my niece Carley to love Auburn as much as I do. During the rough 2012 season, as Carley and I were getting ready to go to a football game, I told her there was a very good chance we were going to lose. Her response was, “I don’t care. I just want to be in Auburn.” I told her, “Welcome to the Auburn Family, Carley.”

I learned more than I could ever explain during my time at Auburn, and I’m a better person for having attended, graduated, and fallen in love with the University and the town. War Eagle!