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Marianne Bailey ’07: Mending Paws

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Mending Paws: Marianne Bailey, small animal veterinarian

Marianne Bailey grew up knowing that she wanted to be a veterinarian.

“My mom will tell this story of when I was in third grade and went down to the neighbor’s that had these 200 lb. Mastiffs. She said I walked both of them up the driveway and then opened their mouths,” said Bailey, class of ’07 and ’10. “She was horrified I was going to lose a hand, but I was fascinated with them.”

In high school she thought she wanted to specialize in large animals, but once as an undergrad student she changed her mind. Bailey attended Auburn’s vet school and studied small animals, saying, “Auburn was my home then and I wanted to stay.”

After graduation she returned to her home state of Maryland to open Queenstown Veterinary Hospital in Annapolis. The practice recently moved to a newly built state of the art facility with larger exam rooms, surgery suites, and waiting areas.

Bailey said each day holds a different challenge and “you really don’t know what you’ll get” until they walk through the front door. “We’ve gotten cats with fishhooks in their noses and there will usually be a hard case during the day. The second day after I bought the hospital, I had my first foreign- body surgery where my client’s dog had eaten a sock and I had to take it out of its stomach.”

Mending Paws: Marianne Bailey, small animal veterinarian
Mending Paws: Marianne Bailey, small animal veterinarian
Mending Paws: Marianne Bailey, small animal veterinarian

Being a veterinarian certainly comes with its ups and downs, but Bailey wouldn’t want any other job. “Animals are amazing, selfless and kind and I love being there to help them have the best life possible and work with pet owners to provide that for them.”

“Every pet owner is a little crazy because the crazier they are, the more they love their animal,” she said, being an owner herself. “I have a soft spot for old pets,” and hers is a 14 year-old miniature Dachshund she inherited her freshman year in vet school. “Maggie has three legs and she’s a tank — she’ll never die, she’ll never slow down. She’s just as fast with three legs as she was with four.”

Although she and her dog have relocated to the East Coast, Bailey is still able to connect with the Auburn community. “If I see a license plate or a sticker on a car, I’ll leave a business card with ‘war eagle’ on it. I’ve gotten clients that called to set up an appointment because of that or clients who are Auburn fans will bring me something back if they’ve been down to visit recently.”

“The only thing I ever wanted to do was be a veterinarian and because of Auburn, my dreams came true.”