Auburn Women

Michelle Cooper ’90

Michelle Cooper '90

I remember my first visit to Auburn like it was yesterday. The only word that came to mind was “home.”

My two sisters were determined NOT to go to the same school as their older sister, but alas my dad had to change his bumper sticker from “My money and my daughter go to Auburn” to “My money and my daughterS go to Auburn”!

I went on to graduate from the UAB School of Optometry and have practiced in South Carolina since 1994. I also had the privilege of serving as President of The Palmetto Auburn Club.

Sister number two, Melanie, lives in Birmingham having worked in the retail industry as a Fashion Merchandising major. Sister number three, Jackelyn, lives in Georgia where she has been a special education teacher since her graduation from Auburn.

All we can say is thanks Mom and Dad! You both raised three independent Auburn women who will continue the tradition.