Michelle is a first-generation STEM girl who had no idea that Software Engineering would become her passion and career.

It was the “great conversion” of 1998 that propelled Michelle into a technical field. At that time, she was working as a loan officer at a local credit union. The credit union was converting from dumb terminals to PCs. The conversion went smoothly enough. The aftermath, however, was Windows 3.1 and all of its issues. Since the root of all of Michelle’s interests is problem-solving, she found herself learning about operating systems, file systems and the power of re-boot to help keep her branch running smoothly.

She remembers the day vividly. She was in the middle of an on-going battle with a dot-matrix printer in the Branch Manager’s office when the manager said “Michelle, you need to go back to school and do something with computers.” That’s just what she did. In June 2019, Michelle and her partner/husband, Mark Williams, established the software company Nimble, LLC. Williams currently is co-founder, CEO, and Pr. Software Engineer of Nimble, helping fulfill their vision of building a center of software excellence that would be known for delivering software of the highest quality.

Throughout her career, Michelle has filled virtually every role in the development of software solutions to support our country’s missions. Through all of her many projects, deadlines, and long nights, one verse has been her constant: “Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not unto men.”

Michelle attended three of Alabama’s prestigious academic institutions. She began her education at Calhoun Community College as a transient student before matriculating to the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She earned a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Auburn University. Michelle is a fervent advocate of Agile principles and holds a Level II Professional Scrum Master certification.

Above any of her accomplishments, Michelle considers her time parenting her children to be the noblest of them all. When she is not hard at work for Nimble, she is spoiling her 3 beautiful grandchildren, working in the yard, reading, traveling and using her talents to server her community.