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The Auburn Alumni Association is dedicated to enhancing the engagement and connection of all Auburn University alumni and friends.


To advance Auburn University by engaging our global community and cultivating their passion for and loyalty to the university.

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Increase connectivity between alumni and the university


Increase meaningful alumni engagement


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Ensure the association remains fiscally sound and well poised for the future

Taking the Helm


It is with great excitement, humility and honor that I pen my first letter as president of the Auburn Alumni Association Board of Directors. Thirty years ago, when I set foot on campus as a freshman, I had no idea I would one day have the privilege to serve our great university in this capacity. I did know, however, that I was intent on being more than a number, and that an Auburn education was my first step in making my mark in the world.

Growing up in rural Alabama to parents who were born in the late 1920s, I had many first-hand accounts of what it was like to grow up in the segregated South. But it also included lessons in the importance of hard work, perseverance and, most importantly, faith. I learned how a good education could open doors, how if you applied yourself, anything was achievable and the duty to pay it forward to others. These teachings are not unlike those many of you have received throughout your lives. Neither of my parents was able to attend Auburn University when they became college age in the late 1940s, yet they both attained college educations and lived out these ideals and instilled them in me. These are also the ideals that are deeply rooted in our Auburn Creed—“hard work, education, mutual helpfulness, sympathy with my fellow men (and women).”

Armed with this foundation, I stand on the shoulders of not only my parents, but the great Auburn men and women who have served before me. From our first female president of the alumni association board, Nancy Fortner in 2008, to those whom I’ve had

the honor of serving under during my tenure as a board member: Bill Stone ’85, Jack Fite ’85, Beau Byrd ’89 and most recently, my friend and mentor, Van Henley ’80, I’ve had a front-row seat to observe what Auburn leadership looks like. I’ve also learned the importance of the role of creating and sustaining an inclusive environment to engage all alumni.

My brand as a business consulting executive has been that of a connector, people developer, value creator and business operator. Early in my career, I was coached that it’s important to have a personal mission statement. Although mine has evolved slightly through the years as a result of my experiences, at its core my purpose has remained the same: “to help people and organizations achieve their full potential.” As I assume the position of president of the Auburn Alumni Association Board of Directors, I am poised and ready to lead and do just that—help Auburn achieve her full potential while building on the foundation already laid before me to continue to serve, engage and represent the Auburn Family.

Thank you for this opportunity. War Eagle!

Regina Sanders '95 Auburn Alumni Association President

Regenia Sanders ’95
President, Auburn Alumni Association