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Virtual Yearbook

Share your Auburn memories for the Auburn Alumni Association’s Virtual Senior Yearbook. Be on the look out for the official Glomerata later this year.

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Auburn Alumni Association Membership

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Now that you are a graduate, you are automatically a General Member of the alumni association. You can upgrade your membership to a half-price annual individual membership for $25. Upgraded membership brings benefits such as a subscription to Auburn Magazine, great restaurant and store discounts, access to the alumni directory and networking with Auburn Clubs.

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Commemorative Graduation Gift

Commemorative Graduation Gift for Class 2020

Auburn University President Jay Gogue will send a commemorative gift box to all spring graduates that includes a mortarboard, tassel, two printed commencement programs, an official Alumni Association pin, an academic honor cord for those students who met the criteria, a copy of the Auburn Creed and a graduate gameday button.

Graduates can expect to start receiving gift boxes via mail beginning next week.

Tigers Unlimited Young Alumni Ticket Program

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The Young Alumni Program is an exclusive club for recent graduates from Auburn University. Recent graduates have the opportunity to purchase and renew season football tickets at a discounted rate by contributing to Tigers Unlimited.

To take advantage of this offer and reserve your 2020 Auburn Football season tickets, email or call 855-282-2010, option 1.

Find Your Local Auburn Club

Find your Auburn Club

Being a part of your local Auburn Club will keep you connected, no matter how far you may roam. Find your club or email to start a club or affiliate in your area.

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Stay connected to Auburn University and look good in a free t-shirt. Update your records by filling out the form below. Auburn Alumni Association will send you a free t-shirt.

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College of Human Sciences

For our College of Human Sciences graduates, check out a special message from Dean Susan Hubbard!

College of Education

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Read encouraging notes from the College of Education National Alumni Council!

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Zoom Backgrounds

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Whether you are on a important interview call or talking with your local Auburn Clubs, enjoy these Auburn Zoom backgrounds we made just for you!

Facebook Frames

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𝕐𝕠𝕦’𝕧𝕖 𝕓𝕖𝕖𝕟 𝕗𝕣𝕒𝕞𝕖𝕕!
Celebrate your Auburn roots on your Facebook profile picture with custom frames we have created just for you!

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Commemorative Medallions

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The commemorative medallion program encourages Auburn University students who are preparing to graduate to make a financial contribution to a school, college, department, organization or program at Auburn University. With a minimum gift of their upcoming graduation year (i.e. $20.20 in 2020), the graduate is given a keepsake Commemorative Medallion that can be worn at commencement exercises.

*For our May 2020 graduates, your commerative medallion will be mailed to you based off the information provided.

Give Now!

“I can’t put into words the amount of gratitude that I have for Auburn. Not only the university, but its people have shaped me into the woman I am today, and that is something I will never be able to repay. However, when given the chance to give back the small amount of $20.20, I did.

I decided to donate my $20.20 to the Auburn Alumni Association, where I completed my final internship. The Auburn Alumni Association provided me with the best support system while I completed my internship, and I will always remember the positive impact they are making on-campus and in the lives of Auburn family and friends.

The medallion will not only serve as a symbol to wear on graduation day, but also as a reminder of how important it is to give back to a place that continues to provide so much in my life.

War Eagle!”

Riley Greene ’20

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M. LaHart & Co.


Church Hill Classics

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Auburn Ring and Eagle


Auburn Alumni Geico Discount

Glomerata Update

Glomerata Update 2020
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The Auburn University Class of 2020 is experiencing a final semester unlike any other. Join the Auburn Alumni Association in supporting these seniors and graduate students by completing our 20 for ’20 form to share your wishes for the newest Auburn alumni! Responses will be compiled and shared with the graduating class on our website and app. Select responses will also be shared on social media.

“War Eagle and Congratulations! While you may not be able to celebrate your accomplishments and graduation in a traditional way, know that the Auburn Family are rejoicing with and celebrating  you as you embark on your next endeavor. Blessings and War Eagle!”

Tameka Davis ’94

“Congratulations Class of 2020!  You are completing a journey that includes some of the best days of your life.  Even 30 years after my graduation, I still remember my time at Auburn like it was yesterday.  The Auburn experience is like no other and you will be forever connected to the Auburn Family.  Best wishes and War Eagle!”

Lynn Pauley ‘90

“A new decade, a new set of triumphs and struggles. You have conquered this hurdle with the fierceness of a tiger and the boldness of an eagle. Now keep soaring! I say to you, Congratulations! Look back on all your achievements and be PROUD!”

Christina Williams ‘18

“As you prepare to leave Auburn for the next steps of your life, remember that not only did Auburn prepare you but Auburn will be with you going forward. “I believe in Auburn and love it”

Karen Marlowe ‘95

“Dear Class of 2020, Congratulations on your graduation!  We have missed being with you on campus this semester.  You have shown incredible adaptation and perseverance through the adjustment to remote learning.  Although difficult at the time, these are qualities that will serve you well in the next phase of your life.  Continued health and happiness to you all!  War Eagle!”

Michelle McBride

“I believe in work, hard work” are words that you as Auburn men and women must truly cling to during these uncertain times. Be ready to work harder than you have ever worked before and be committed to reaching your goals. You have the opportunity to show the world that despite obstacles of any kind, you can be great! Your story of success during times of adversity will be shared for generations to come. War Eagle!”

Cherith Fluker ‘01

“Graduating Seniors, First and foremost, War Eagle to you all!  While this has probably been the most challenging time in your young life and definitely not what you had planned for or expected during your graduating semester…learn from it, do good in this world and give back to others, your community and your beloved university. Whether you represent the first generation in your family to graduate college or you are a multi-generation graduate of this fine institution, this is an AUsome accomplishment. Congratulations on your hard work…this Auburn degree is a kick start to your adventure in life.  Soar like an Eagle and make all Auburn Alumni proud and always live by the Auburn Creed!  War Eagle!!”

Steve Luttrell ‘87

“Congrats to the Class of 2020.  We are so excited for you and wish you the absolute best.  You have so much to offer this world, especially after the way you have adapted, responded and demonstrated the Auburn Spirit during this crisis.  You are AUsome!”

Apryl Mullins ‘97

“You are a unique and capable class. This experience is an opportunity to adapt and grow, to differentiate yourself from the pack as so many Auburn men and women do! The Auburn family is cheering for you!”

Lauren Beesley ‘14

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, studying, sacrifice.” YOU are success. YOU are WAR EAGLE strong! Congratulations!”

Candice Howard Shaughnessy ‘03

“Congratulations, graduate!  Your Auburn family is so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. Your ambition, courage, confidence, integrity, and drive to succeed in all your endeavors is admirable.  You embody the spirit of the Auburn Creed. You have gained knowledge and received words of wisdom and encouragement from your professors, advisors, and mentors.  It’s now time to press on toward your next goal.  We are all rooting for you!  Congratulations and War Eagle!!”

Michelle Morrison ’93

“Congratulations class of 2020! You have overcome so many obstacles to achieve your goal of becoming an Auburn graduate. We are proud of you now, and for all the good you with do in the world in the future. Work hard and show compassion for others and you will always keep the Auburn spirit we love alive. War Eagle!”

Lucie Larkins Brown ’12

“Class of 2020,

Wow!  You made it!  I hope you remember the good times, the late nights (“studying”) and the relationships you’ve made during your time on the Plains.

You will be successful, with or without a ceremony. You will be part of the Auburn family, with or without a ceremony.

The Auburn family will be here for you.  We love you and are so proud of you!

War Eagle!  God Speed!”

Glenna Payne Reeves ’81

“Congratulations, Graduate! Although your senior year did not go as planned, you have been given a gift of time. Life as we know it has paused. Take this time to relax, renew, and reflect before you take your next steps to conquer the world. War Eagle!!!”

Karen Anderson ’12

“7 tips from this ’07 graduate:

  1. Start saving
  2. Exercise outside at least once a week with no music in your ears.
  3. Schedule a weekly zoom or phone call with your parents.
  4. Meditate
  5. Buy the good wine and fancy butter. It makes a difference.
  6. Write 3 notes of thanks or well wishes a week to friends or family.
  7. Don’t overcomplicate things. The answer is pretty obvious in 99% of the cases.”

Emma Holman ’07

“While you may have just closed the book on one of the best chapters of your life, you can find comfort in knowing that you will still have the same cast of characters – the Auburn Family – rooting you on and supporting you as your story continues.  War Eagle!”

Lindsey Mitkus ’12

“You’re a graduate. Well done. Your passion, persistence, and hard work have been rewarded. Through your studies you have been inspired to dream more, learn more and to do more.  Now is the time for you to become a catalyst for change and to use your talents to inspire those around you. It is your time to lead.”

Ward Swift ’79

“Class of 2020: This Pandemic will not define you – You will be the heart of our country’s resurgence. You will prevail with more determination, faith, strength and focus than ever! War Eagle!”

The Pitten Family

“I have been thinking of all of you driving away from Auburn in such an uncertain time.  As an ’08 graduate, I understand the fear and uncertainty that you may be feeling, and want to encourage you that although this is a novel virus, you have fellow alumni who have been in your shoes and felt a similar fear!

The Auburn Family is real, and does not disappear when you graduate – if anything, it gets bigger.  You all should be so proud of yourselves for achieving this huge milestone.  I truly wish you the best of luck moving forward, and of course, War Eagle!”

Michelle Parsons ’08

“Congratulations!!  50 years ago when I graduated there was a war and civil unrest, 40 years ago hostages were a concern, 30 years ago another war was pending, 20 years ago computers were supposed to crash, 10 years ago another war.  Here we are with another beginning decade crisis.  It will pass. The interim years were usually quite pleasant.  Look forward to the years to come.  Some of you will be running the world in a few decades.  Decide now what you want and figure out how to get there.  The 1970 Golden Eagles may not be here then, but we are counting on you to change the world for the better.  War Eagle!!”

David Parrish ’70

“We are a “Spirit That Is Not Afraid“ carry that this SAME spirit as you conquer this world! We stand with you!”

Brea Felise Hilliard ’15

“You are a person of intelligence and integrity, after all, you graduated from Auburn!  Congratulations to you.  Do you remember stories from your grandparents or others about personal, national or worldwide tragedies?  They survived those things and became stronger people.  You will tell your grandchildren stories about COVID, its impact on your tenure at Auburn… and the celebrations across the world when it was over.  And you will teach those same grandchildren to say “War Eagle” before they can say “mama”!  Bless you and keep The Plains in your heart always.”

Freida Baker, 82

“Dear Grads, keep your eyes open for ALL opportunity, not just that within your field or degree. The world is bigger than you realize, but if you open your mind, adapt, and remember the Auburn Creed, you will not just survive, you will thrive. Keep in mind when meeting new people or encountering new experiences, that you don’t know what you don’t know; proceed with humility and be kind.”

Lisa Kelly Trentalange

“Though the world is full of uncertainty and the road you are traveling may seem a bit scary, know that you are joining an amazing community of alumni that are here to support you on your journey. The Auburn spirit is stronger than this storm. Congratulations and War Eagle!”

Michelle Fullerton ’03

“You are a graduating class that will be remembered and respected by many.  Although you will not experience a graduation ceremony or celebration we have all come to expect and anticipate, you will rejoice more fully in future celebratory moments than the rest of us. Your character will be tested as many lament with you and encourage you to focus on what you have lost rather than what you have gained. Hold your heads high, respond as only a  Auburn woman and man can with grace and gratitude. Live the creed! You leave Auburn with the same memories and accomplishments as those who walked across a stage to accept their diploma.

You will be greeted with the same enthusiastic War Eagle as any other alumnae. If I ever have the pleasure of greeting a 2020 AU graduate you will receive a most heartfelt War Eagle accompanied by my deepest respect. Now go out there live, enjoy and love life as an Auburn grad. “

Julie Harp ’90

“You’re now ready to conquer the world! Be great and War Eagle!”

Angela Jenkins ’94

“Always remember… we conquer, we never yield.”

Erin Hutchins ’09

“Spread your wings and fly! Auburn has given you the foundation to soar like an eagle and roar with pride like a tiger! You’ve earned your right to brag, to yell with pride that you are an Auburn Grad! Congratulations class of 2020, and WARRRRR EAGLE!”

Marisa Zehner’s Family

“Keep the faith, work hard, always do the right thing, if you see something that isn’t right, say something. I believe in Auburn, and Love it.”

Jim Zacharias ’87

“Congratulations to all Auburn graduates! A special congratulations goes to those students who will also receive a military commission in addition to their diploma. Always know that Auburn graduates are part of a family that will be there to support you as you continue the tremendous Auburn tradition of going out in the world and making a difference. WAR EAGLE!”

Leonard Woody, Jr., LTC (Ret)
Class of 1974

Leonard Woody Jr. LTC (Ret) ’74