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Toomer’s poetry

Close up of toilet paper hanging from Toomer's oak trees after an Auburn victory.

a poem by Julia Allen

Today was the day it fell
One second it was there, then it wasn’t
I don’t understand why it happened,
I only know that it did
Eyes filled with tears, I cry out
Why? – it never happens to anyone else
The people of spite and hatred fill my mind
We are not those people intentionally
For those people- we cry, as
They take the most prized thing that is ours
We have done nothing wrong to them
But they destroy the thing we love
The thing that keeps us together
No one understands the suffering-
That they have caused all around
One person that puts a family in peril
A family that would not survive
Without the open arms of each other
That we all can rely on- Together
We are the greatest family in the world.
I know this- I am not alone.
With the open arms of my family
I am strong, I know
We all can survive this-we will live on
Together, as we embrace the struggles
To come- United as one we will reach
A new beginning- As we break through
The past’s burdens unharmed- we will begin to move
Forward, welcoming everything ahead
Not looking back, but learning each day
Aspiring to reach goals and begin again
Starting a new chapter where this last has left off
Starting over again with a sense of pride, life, and hope
I know this will happen, Surely it is proven
By all of the men and wormen who came
Before us, and many more to come
With the Spirit and Drive no others know
For we all are strong, and together We-
Begin Again – together and alive,
Because we All believe- in the power of Auburn


Julia is 14 and is the 8th grade at Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee. She is  the daughter of Auburn University graduates, Judson and Bill Allen (both class of ’86).