Auburn Women

Patricia Lynn Smith ’74

Patricia Lynn Smith '74

I think I was born to be an Auburn woman in Atlanta, Ga. 6 decades ago. I was the third daughter of a very middle class family. I grew up going to Georgia Tech sporting events with my Daddy. I was the most athletic daughter he had because I grew up competing with all the neighborhood boys in every sport.

Being a city girl, I had a grand time when I was able to spend time in “the country” with my relatives in Camp Hill & Opelika. I decided my Junior Year of high school that Auburn University was the best place for me. Daddy was pleased with my choice & never complained about paying TRIPLE out of state fees. He guided me to be a Pharmacist or a teacher. I quickly learned I did Not have the science nor math background for Pharmacy School.

I enjoyed teaching and working with children & still do. Once my 2 children earned their degrees from Auburn University, I decided to move my empty nest to Orange Beach, Ala. I became a Realtor 2002. Most of my clients are Auburn folks, the most loyal & dependable people on Earth.

I am Blessed with 4 precious grandchildren. I hope they have the opportunity to attend Auburn University on academic scholarships. I appreciate my 4 years as an Auburn undergraduate woman. I was not an Honor student, yet am thankful for a well rounded education with life coping skills & the best college classmates. My school’s fine reputation has opened many doors for me along my way all over the World.

The Auburn Creed says it all for Faithful Auburn Women. War Eagle !