Auburn Women

Patricia Smith ’74

Patricia Smith 1974

I was born in Atlanta and grew up in the suburb of East Point, Ga. I am the third daughter my parents raised in Fulton County school system. We were very middle class, so my dear Daddy worked two jobs to send his girls to college. He also gave me his work ethics by helping me find my first job, in addition to my household chores, when I was 13. I visited my relatives in Opelika and Camp Hill as often as possible; they were my first Auburn connections. My dear Daddy supported my decision to go to Auburn. He never complained about paying triple for my 4 years of out of state tuition. Those 4 years taught me how to live with others from all around the world with very different backgrounds. The common denominator was our desire to learn.

As a 17 year old freshman I debated with myself about going through Panhellenic Rush. I liked Auburn for not having Sorority houses. Having friends in other groups and also friends who chose not to be in the Greek system was a positive experience for me.

As an Auburn graduate I lived & worked in 6 different states and Japan. Everywhere I went I sought out other Friends of my alma mater. The Auburn creed is instilled in me. I am thankful both of my children chose Auburn to get their degrees from the School of Business.

As a Realtor, I appreciate my Auburn education which helps me connect with AUsome clients. Being a Lifetime member of the Alumni Association is one of the best ways to meet others who love & cherish Auburn University as much as I do. I am very thankful I am now able to have a home near Auburn so I can participate and enjoy EVERYTHING AUBURN.