Georgia Auburn Tag


Show your Auburn Spirit on the road with the newly designed Auburn license plate in the state of Georgia. The “Auburn Club” license plate can be ordered at your county tax commissioner’s tag office. When renewing online, it is also available in the full tag list under the “Special Interest” plates. This tag can be ordered at any county tag office in the state. However these plates are being issued “on demand.” This means that when you order the tag and pay your fees, you will be issued a temporary plate. Your new Auburn specialty plate will be sent to your home within an expected 7 business days. You can order the tag before your renewal date; you will still have to pay other fees (ad valorem, etc.) at the time of your actual renewal period. The state-issued “TZ” designation that is on the old plates will not be on the new tags. The new digitally printed tags feature three random letters and three random numbers on every plate. Unfortunately, personal vanity plates are not possible, as the state of Georgia does not allow vanity plates (personal letter/number combinations) for this tag.



Posted on

May 31, 2021