Auburn Women

Rachel Mars ’12

Rachel Mars '12

I remember that first day walking to class from Sasnett and feeling nervous and excited to be there. One of the best memories I have from Freshmen year was getting involved in my Hall council, which led me to become a Resident Assistant, a position I held for the rest of my time at Auburn. I also had the rare privilege of being an RA in Sasnett for the remainder of my time at Auburn and loved every minute of it. I also got involved in the Swing Dance Association where I met the core group of girls that I still consider my closest friends today.

My time at Auburn was a huge path of self-discovery as I changed my major a few times and also learned the boundaries I needed to set up in my personal life for balance. I also experienced a great spiritual reawakening in my faith that only came through the friendships I formed at Auburn.

Overall, I gained life long purpose, friendships, and legacy through my time at Auburn and will always be proud to be an Auburn woman, and the first in my family to say War Eagle!


Racxhel Mars '12

I was Rachel Jernigan when I began my time at Auburn in 2008.

As a first generation student and Auburn graduate, my time at Auburn was a great learning experience and independence builder. I remember attending Camp War Eagle and falling deeper in love with this place. I remember being one of four who learned the Auburn Creed and recited it on stage with Orientation Leaders and received my first Auburn Pin. I remember before moving into Sarah Sasnett Hall on campus, I had researched online all the Tiger Transit routes and memorized the campus map before I ever came on campus.


Rachel Mars '12