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Remember the RAT cap?

By October 1, 2010 No Comments

While going through boxes at my grandparents’ house during this past year, I came across a truly fantastic Auburn artifact—my uncle’s RAT cap from his freshman year in the late ‘60s in the Auburn University Marching Band.

A faded orange and blue, the hat has definitely seen better days, but it holds some Auburn memories from various stains from my uncle’s college days.

Through researching the Flashback section of the Auburn Magazine, I’ve seen rules for all freshmen wearing the RAT cap appear in early copies of the Plainsman.

Although the AUMB still uses the term RAT – Rookie Auburn Tiger – for freshmen, the cap has long been retired. As current member of the AUMB, I’m curious, when did the caps stop being distributed to Auburn freshmen?

If you still have your RAT cap, share a picture with me at