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Rolling Toomer’s…in Sylacauga

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When the late Ware Gaston ’50 gave Toomer’s Oak seedlings to all the Auburn grads in his family back in 2004, he couldn’t have known that his wife, Annette–an Alabama grad who always supported her family’s love of Auburn–would be out in her back yard in freezing weather after 11 p.m. on the night of Jan. 10, 2011, gleefully rolling it in toilet paper.  But she was so carried away after the Tigers’ championship win, she had to show her spirit!

Many thanks to her son, Maury Gaston ’82, for sharing the photo. Other Auburn Family members among the Gastons are Annette’s son Joel ’78, and her grandsons Kevin ’05 and Kyle ’08.

Maury also shared his Facebook post the morning of the game. We really enjoyed it, and thought it underscored what folks mean when they talk about the Auburn Family.


Irrespective of the outcome, tonight’s game is very fulfilling for members of the  Auburn  family.

I think of the grandfather I never met, a 1923 Pharmacy graduate, the  first university graduate in his family. He once found $3.50 in his  suit  pockets so he and my then eight-year-old dad could stay in an   Auburn  hotel and see the end of an exciting game rather than catch the train home to Sylacauga. I think of my dad, a great Auburn  man in every respect. He would be so thrilled about this. I’ll be wearing his ring and belt tonight. I think of my two nephews, both in  Glendale, and who know of only success for Auburn on the gridiron in their lifetimes.  Fourth generation  Auburn  men whom I love dearly.  I think of my brother and sister-in-law, also in Glendale. She and my dad were true football soul mates! I think of my mom, an Alabama graduate who loved to see her husband and sons excited and who supported everything they loved and still does. I think of Harold and Jim, who adopted me and took me all over the southeast during the years dad was at the drugstore. I think of my friend Tartt, who called the morning of Punt, ‘Bama, Punt and
invited me to the game with him. I think of Coach Jordan. There has never been a finer gentleman to walk a sideline. I think of Jeff Beard, who laid
such a strong foundation side-by-side with Coach Jordan. I think of Kenny Howard and Bill Beckwith, part of Coach Jordan’s and Jeff Beard’s
team. I think of friends Bobby and David who have worked so well and tirelessly for the betterment of  Auburn. I think of all those Sigma
Nus who are there now and the memories they will have. I think of my pal Taylor, a freshman and late admittee into Auburn, who made a 3.25 gpa
this fall and is in Glendale.  If you’re part of the  Auburn family, you understand.

We do understand, and thank you, Maury, for sharing with us!