Entering the plains in the summer of 2002, I was so excited. I remember a lot of my friend chose to attend school far away from home, I chose to stay close to home… home was right here in Auburn.

During my years at Auburn, I encountered several challenges, obstacles, but through those obstacles I learned what it meant to persevere as an Auburn woman. From those late night study groups at the library, to eating Chick-fil-A at Foy Student Union (at that time) to the constant emails I used to send to my college professors, to going to the financial aid office to make sure that my scholarships and other financial aid resources were available to me, to the awesome games on the plains, and of course partying, I would not change anything about my experience at Auburn.

It’s not often that you find faculty that does not refer to their students as just a number. Some of my professors knew me by name… ok.. so maybe it was because I was always sending emails, lol.

Auburn taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world and people and concepts in general that eventually enabled me to become successful in life. While attending Auburn, I double majored in Public Administration and Sociology and went on to complete my Masters in Health care Administration and Project Management.

A lot of college graduates do not enter into their career with the degree they may have obtained, However, I was Blessed to enter into my field. I currently serve as a Transitional Services Coordinator for Lee County Youth Development Center in Opelika. The Auburn experience I obtained are truly irreplaceable and I would not trade them for anything.

If I could go back in time and speak to my much younger self when I first asked the question, “What has been your best experience?” the baby-faced version of me would certainly have surprised by what my answer is now. War Eagle!