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Shannon Smith ’12

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Shannon Smith '12

My mom attended Auburn, but never got to finish. Over the years, we made a few trips down from North Alabama for one reason or another, and I was always impressed by the friendly community and the beauty of the school.

Once I grew up and started planning for college, I knew I wanted to be in graphic design. My friends were choosing schools, and my best friend and her sister had both decided to go to Auburn. Doing my research for my chosen major, I learned that Auburn had one of the fastest growing and best recognized design programs, and knew it was the right choice for me.

I transferred in the semester that we went to the National Championship and left the semester Harvey Updike poisoned our beloved Toomer’s Oaks, but through all the ups and downs, the academic struggles and the late nights in (and out of) the design studio, I was and am proud to be an Auburn Tiger.