I have been a tiger fan my entire life, my dad trained me early on to love Auburn football. However, the reality of actually going to school there only came up at the beginning of my junior year in high school.

I had been sending my ACT scores off and started thinking about a field of study. I had a high school teacher that asked if I had considered Communications and should probably look into Auburn because they had a really good Liberal Arts program….which my dad was ecstatic about.

I got accepted and first walked on the Plains during a War Eagle Day weekend. It was LOVE at first sight! From then on as a student I had the experience of a lifetime. I grew up at Auburn, I came into womanhood at Auburn University.

The love I have for Auburn University can’t be fully explained. My heart gets full at the mention of the word Auburn. It’s way more than just the awesome athletics, it’s a way of living – the Auburn way! Through all that I experienced, it is so easy to say that I Believe In Auburn, and Love It!