KELLEY TAPTICH OF NEW JERSEY was not new to the challenge of moving a child across the country for college. Her daughter, Kate, chose a university in Texas in 2018, while in 2019 her son, Collin, chose to come to Auburn. Knowing the struggles of traveling more than 1,000 miles in a car loaded with household goods and family members, Taptich was thrilled when she received information at Camp War Eagle about a new partnership between the Auburn Alumni Association and Bed, Bath & Beyond®. Taptich jumped at the chance to place an order for Collin and have it drop-shipped right to the university. “The customer service was extraordinary,” said Taptich. “Not only was it so convenient to be able to order online and have everything shipped to Auburn, but once we got there to pick up, we felt so welcomed. Everything was so organized.

We had 18 boxes and the alumni staff was so friendly and helped us load everything up. The whole experience was just superb.”

The alumni association received, stored and distributed almost 600 boxes for students who traveled to Auburn from all over the United States. In addition to the preordered items, personnel from Bed, Bath & Beyond® set up tents near the dorms both move-in days to provide a mobile retail store for students
and their parents.

“Partnering with a major retailer such as Bed, Bath and Beyond® was a great opportunity to offer a preshipment of dorm items directly to campus,” said Jessica King ’02, director of communications and marketing for the Auburn Alumni Association. “This partnership not only allowed the parents to have an early direct link to campus, but also a connector to the alumni association who will engage with their young adults through their time on campus as well as after graduation. Auburn University shows incredible support to our students and this was another way to stay engaged with the students, and the parents, many of which, are alumni. We are thankful to our campus colleagues who supported this initiative and our Auburn Clubs that helped promote the program during their freshmen send-off events.”

Auburn students can continue to order items during the school year to be shipped directly to their dorm, apartment or other address at