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Still Feels Like Home To Me

By March 10, 2011 No Comments

Three years and seven months ago when I arrived on the Plains, I remember being overtaken by the sheer beauty of the campus. I remember trying to take it all in… the historic brick buildings, the beautiful trees and plants, the tiger paws printed on the roads and much more. It felt like home to me.

Now, almost 4 years later, the campus has completely changed. However, it still holds its historic beauty. Since I arrived in Aug 2007, we have built a new student center, engineering building, basketball arena, and Village dorms. Construction projects are still going on all over campus. A new OIT building, parking garage, and a second phase of the Shelby Engineering Building are well underway to being complete.

There may be some buildings on campus that are newer and have nicer amenities like flat-screen tv’s and more, but, old or new, Auburn still feels like home to me. I still feel like I am attending the same Auburn that my parents and their parents attended.

To see more pictures of construction around campus, check out our flikr page here.